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Import and export


As your business grows, it is likely that you may end up searching for new opportunities overseas. Once the decision is taken, it is key to understand the regulation for any process, even more in a dynamic, but bureaucratic country as Brazil, where rules are constantly changing.

Our options are made in an exclusive basis to support those who are starting up the business and require full assistance: cost simulation and interpretation, shipments, registers, customs, warehousing/picking and packing, storage and distribution.

But how can I import?

According to the Brazilian law for importation of goods, the following types are accepted:

– By the order of a THIRD PART (CONTA E ORDEM):
Santa Fe Trading is the importer. Customer is the owner of goods and will appoint the suppliers. Customer is the sole responsible for costs.

Santa Fe Trading assumes the importation process and full responsibility for dealing with suppliers, paying customs clearance, freight, taxes and fees. Santa Fe will use its own economic resources to support such operation.

Santa Fé Trading assumes the inventory distribution for several clients within national territory. Under such option there is not a single buyer and inventory is kept in order to support business prospection.



Quick answers to the customer needs. This is our motto: to connect borders between exporter and importer.
Our management is made to avoid gaps that could happen in a retail, fast market operation. Our customer basis is mainly composed by franchise companies, retailers and worldwide players. They need close follow-up and fast answers for its clients.

With Santa Fe Trading your company can:
– Search and locate distributors for products or services.
– Evaluate if the proposal made by any potential client is feasible.
– Receive assistance with the export price list.
– Request professional support for negotiations with potential clients.



Santa Fe Trading is available to operate as your local agent. This is an option made to avoid the learning curve and to start distribution in a short-term perspective, even more in a country with such a harsh environment as Brazil.

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