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About Us

Santa Fe Trading started in 1993 as an importer, exporter service provider for clients seeking fast, serious solutions. Since that time, we’re continuously aiming the best operational result by focusing on efficient procedures.

We use our experience on behalf of our clients, essentially due to our respect for them. In other words: hard training, non-stop management and a very efficient safety control. This is us. This is Santa Fe Trading.

In 2016 Santa Fe Trading has been elected as the best general company and the best import, export company at the state of Espirito Santo. Please click here for further information.

We offer to our clients:
– Tax, financial and operational evaluations.
– Access to exclusive, premium brands.
– Products importation and stock management.
– Cost reduction via tax benefits, logistics integration and a lower operational cost.
–Built-to-suit solutions for performance tests.


Annual Ranking (FINDES – Industry Federation, state of Espirito Santo):

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2016
Productivity Per Employee/td>

1º Place 9º Place 9º Place 3º Place
Best Current Liquidity 1º Place 5º Place
Best Companies, General Classification 1º Place
Biggest Companies, Import and Export 1º Place
Great Companies, Import and Export 10º Place 3º Place
Best Profit over Sales 7º Place
Best Profit on Shareholder’s Equity 8º Place
Best Profit per Employee 8º Place

Why Santa Fé?

Santa Fe Trading has a non-stop business made exclusively to handle the Brazilian instability and bureaucracy on behalf of its clients, despite all changes on regulations and the political, financial crisis faced by the country over the last decades.

We are patient and persevering. We promote constant evaluations over thousands of import and export processes.

We are a company that strongly supports the client satisfaction, the excellence, the delivery of unique results and the long-term relationships. Therefore, words as dignity, respect, honesty, and above all, transparency are non-negotiable.